Our Path To Success Has Taken The Following Milestones:


  • 2010-2014: 4 issued patents valid in the EU, US, and Canada until 2030.
  • 2017:  Oratel Diagnostics (now Diagnostrix) was awarded participation in the  Grants 4 App program at BAYER.  Ran clinical study on 105 saliva samples to evaluate for presence or absence of endometriosis in women receiving concurrent laparoscopy.  Results demonstrated 92% specificity and 86% sensitivity in clinical study contracted with Brigham and Women's Hospital (Harvard).
  • 2018: Awarded services for pre-market regulatory strategy by CTIP which was performed by Cambria Consulting. 
  • 2019:  Received HITLAB Women’s Health challenge 3rd Prize for free consulting services.
  • 2019 Received $30,000 from CTIP to partner with Dr. Stacey Missmer to evaluate current app on saliva samples from 200 women enrolled in a study conducted at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.
  • 2020: HITLAB and Oratel Diagnostics collaborated in joint study to learn what issues doctors and nurses face for diagnosing endometriosis in a post COVID-19 world.
  • 2020: Product development partnership with Diagnostrix for development of production line for assays and field use evaluation.
  • 2021:  Awarded Medical Device Innovation Challenge for mentoring in commercial strategy and regulatory advice with Syracuse University Innovation center.
  • 2021: Received R&D tax incentive credit from the Norwegian Research Council for product development.